Episode 3: Food (Listening Practice) by Caroline Phung

Episode 3: Food (Listening Practice)

I'll tell you a short story about coffee, uses natural spoken Vietnamese in both slow & normal speed!


Listening: Slow speed
Listening: Normal speed (Audio)
2 mins
PDF Lesson Note
108 KB

What's included?

  • Video story being read in a slow speed, available for free on HowToVietnamese YouTube channel!
  • Audio with on-screen transcript, read in normal speaking speed of a native speaker.
  • PDF Note that includes:
    1. Listen and Fill in the blank exercise.
    2. Transcript with English translation.
    3. Key vocabulary with example sentence.
    4. Language note to help you understand spoken Vietnamese.

Best way to study with this material?

  • For an absolute beginner, you can listen to the slower speed version.
  • For an upper beginner and low-intermediate learner, you can listen to the normal speed version.

Step 1: Listen without subtitles
Listen to the first half of the video that doesn't have the subtitle to see how much you can understand.

Step 2: Listen with subtitles
Listen to the second half of the video that has subtitle, and try to understand the overview of the story.

Step 3: Complete fill in the blank exercise
This is the test for your listening, and also a practice for your writing.

Step 4: Listen and Repeat out loud
This is where you can practice your pronunciation and improve your speaking by listen-pause-and then repeat out loud sentence by sentence.

Step 5: Learn new vocabulary
Learn key vocabulary, and see how they are being used in different sentences.