Here are some important points that you'll need to take note of.
  • There are 6 tones in total: ngang, sắc, huyền, hỏi, ngã, nặng
  • In the Northern dialect, all 6 tones are in use.
  • However, in Southern dialect, only 5 tones are in use, except “ngã”
  • So all the words that have “ngã” tone would be read as if they have “hỏi” tones.

The 5 Southern Vietnamese tones that have been described above can be illustrated in the image below, telling you how each of them is being pronounced.

In this course, you'll see these tones being animated and presented for each example sentences to help you with the pronunciation.

For tones and alphabet practices, please refer to my free course Guide to Pronunciation: Vietnamese Alphabet & Tones.

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